Ayurveda Healing and Panchakarma Therapies Training Rotary Club

Syllabus and Training program of Ayurveda Healing & Panchakarma Therapies


This Programme is for those who wish to undertake full-time training to become a full-fledged Ayurveda Healing Therapist

The sole objective of the training is to make provisions to provide factual information on the holistic approach of Ayurveda to all such persons, who wish to learn and practice Ayurveda - The God-given gift for mankind-- for the well being of the society.

1) Fundamentals of Ayurveda
# What is Ayurveda? (The science of life)
# Tridosha Siddhanta ( Theory of humors)
# Pancha Bhoothas ( Theory of five fundamental elements)
# Prakriti ( Body constitution )
# Astanga Ayurveda ( About 8 branches of Ayurveda)

2) Pharmacology and Anatomy
# Preparation and storage of medicine.
# Marma Vigyanam ( Knowledge about the vital points of the human body).
# Divisions of human body parts.
# Anatomy of the body surface and all system.

3) Massage therapy and Panchakarma (Theory and Practical )
# Uzhil ( Massage with herbal oil in a special way)
# Pizhichil ( Oil bath with gentle massage)
# Siro Dhara ( Dripping herbal oil , medicated milk, curd and decoction over the forehead)
# Elakkizhi ( Massage with linen bundles with different herbal leaves and medicine )
# Podikkizhi ( Massage with linen bundles with different herbal powder,)
# Udrvarthanam ( Massage with herbal powder)
# Sirovasthi ( Herbal oil therapy on the head )
# Karna Poornam ( Ear therapy)
# Nasyam ( Therapy through the nose)
# Tarpanam ( Therapy for Eye )

4) Panchakarma ( Detoxification therapy - Five cleansing actions)
# Nasyam ( cleansing of nasal and sinus passages)
# Vamanam (cleansing of stomach and lungs)
# Virechanam ( cleansing of colon and stomach)
# Vasthi ( cleansing of colon )
# Rakthamoksham (Removing impure blood from the body).

Training Course Fees:

Course fee for 28 days $1000 USD
Course fee for 58 days $1900 USD
Course fee for 84 days $3600 USD
Course fee for 168 days $7000 USD

The course fee is included pick up and drop from and to the nearest airport, accommodation, three-time Veg .food every day, two bottles of mineral water every day and every week one excursion for mind relaxation.